Only UKIP will put people and communities before big business


Andrew_Charalambous.jpgUKIP's Housing Spokesman Andrew Charalambous responding to David Cameron's Housing announcements today said: "Has David Cameron now conceded that UKIP have won the housing debate and that there was never any real need to build on our countryside?

"UKIP have persistently argued that there over 66 thousand hectares of brownfield land in England alone, a third of which are in high growth areas like London and the South East which should have been the focus of our housing supply.

"In truth, the Tory Lib Dem Coalition have given big developers carte blanche licence to build homes on greenfield to quench big business thirst for more profit, rather than the community need for more homes.

"Cameron is blatantly misleading the British people by claiming the green belt is protected under the Tories when no British government has presided over such whole scale destruction of countryside and green spaces as the present Tory one"

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