Only UKIP will save the great British countryside

Published Oct 02, 2015

Andrew-Charalambous-1.jpgThe National Trust has discovered that in two thirds of areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty planning schemes were given the nod ahead of concerns for the environment.

Responding to this Andrew Charalambous, UKIP Housing & Environment Spokesman said: "The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is potentially the biggest ever threat to the British environment from a government that once aspired to be Britain's greenest ever. The government must take immediate steps to enshrine the protection of our countryside in law. This will necessitate the undoing of the NPPF which will make our country unrecognisable within a decade. No government has the right to deprive future generations of the great spectacle of the British countryside.

In contrast, UKIP have consistently called for a 'brownfield revolution' exploiting the 66,000 plus hectares of English brownfield land a third of which are in high growth areas like London. UKIP will compile a national brownfield register, remove stamp duty from brownfield first builds, VAT from brownfield conversion costs and provide decontamination assessment grants. Together with a system of brownfield bonds we would make brownfield investment in the UK more attractive than ever before.

Andrew Charalambous went on to say: "If the Conservatives are to be anything they should conserve what is best about this land, or they are nothing. From this evidence, it is clear, they are nothing. "

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