ONS figures reveal the real impact of uncontrolled EU migration

Published Feb 18, 2016

Margot_11_(1).jpgONS figures reveal the extent by which British workers are put under pressure by continued uncontrolled EU migration. The employment figures show graphically that 50% of new jobs created in the last year went were taken by people not born in the UK. Even more revealing is that 90% of those jobs were taken by EU nationals.

Margot Parker MEP, UKIPs Small Business spokesman said, "Recent figures show that despite a slow increase in wages across the board three groups have not seen an improvement in a decade. Young people, the low waged and the BME community. Its is these groups, already at the bottom of the pile that are suffering from migration, and particularly uncontrolled low skilled migration from the European Union".

"Nobody could or should criticise those who have come here to work, far from it, but those who are responsible for the situation where young people are paid less while house prices soar, who find the minimum wage to be the de facto maximum wage must be held accountable.

"Those who are at the sharp end, ignored, and often help in contempt by the political establishment see none of the vaunted benefits of migration, benefits only visible to the multinational corporations and big government.

"And while the already successful have cheaper gardeners and cleaners, the hopes and dreams of the bottom of society are discarded as of no concern.

"We must gain control of our borders, and as everybody knows these days, that can only happen through leaving the European Union".

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