Operation Atlantic Resolve highlights importance of commitment to NATO

Published Jan 06, 2017

bill_etheridge.jpgBill Etheridge, UKIP Defence spokesman, believes the show of force from the US in Operation Atlantic Resolve should act as a wake up call to the British government.

Atlantic Resolve is a demonstration of US military commitment to its NATO allies to maintain peace and stability in the region in light of Russian intervention in Ukraine.*

Troops, tanks and other equipment will arrive in Germany over January 6th - 9th as part of a nine month rotation of US army forces.

From there, they will be moved to bases in Poland. They will then be relocated throughout the region for training and exercises with European allies.

The “Sky Soldiers” of 173rd Airborne Division recently took part in multinational exercises in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mr Etheridge, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands, said “Tensions in Eastern Europe are heightening and we currently have an underfunded NATO.

“President elect Trump has already stressed the need for all the allies to meet their obligations and not rely on the US alone.

“The UK defence is unprepared, with glaring gaps in cover, such as a functional aircraft carrier, lack of troop moving capabilities and a shortage of naval patrol vessels.

“There’s a danger of a new arms race and the war against terror is still not won. The UK armed forces are a priority in a way they have not been for three decades.”

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