Our courts and judiciary are the best in the world, we do not need the ECJ to reign over us

Published Nov 19, 2017

David Davis announcement yesterday that Britain could remain under the European Court of Justice goes to demonstrate just how weak the government have become and that they are being towed by the nose.

Peter Jewell, the UKIP Justice spokesman responded, "This whole negotiation has become a farce that only Christmas Pantomimes could better.

"Here is our offer. If the government are either unable or incompetent in these negotiations then stand aside and let someone else do it. …..and no, not the Labour Party with whom it would be far worse. Regarding justice, UKIP hereby formally offer to put a team together, made up of lawyers, the judiciary and highly experienced business leaders to put in place proper Acts and primary legislations for this Country and remove the unwanted dross to make the this Country more effective.

"The abilities and judgement of our judiciary, from Magistrates to the Supreme Court are the best in the world. This Country does not need the ECJ to reign supreme over us. There is your offer Mrs May, act now before you become Robert Mugabe."

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