Out of the EU, into the World, breaking out of the straitjacket - UKIP Trade Spokesman William Dartmouth MEP

Published Sep 25, 2015

bigpic.jpgThe Labour Party has elected Tom Watson as Deputy Leader and Jeremy Corbyn Leader. When one thinks about it, they are cartoon characters come to life. They are even called "Tom and Jerry".

You may recollect, at the time of the euro debate, all those BBC programmes that led with assertions that some international company, like Nissan, Toyota, or General Motors, would pull out of Britain unless we joined the euro [Source: Sunday Telegraph]. Well, we're not in the euro, and they're still here.


The BBC was biased then, and the BBC is biased now. Here are five facts principally relating to trade and the EU, which you won't hear from the BBC.

Fact 1: Switzerland has an economy less than one quarter the size of ours. Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. Nevertheless, Switzerland exports to the EU more per person than the UK, to the tune of four and a half times.

This fact you will not hear from the BBC.

Fact 2: The value of the trade of the top 20 non-EU countries trading with the EU was an incredible 2 thousand, 5 hundred and ninety billion euros in 2013. To illustrate the sheer size of this amount, this is more than the entire economy of France, more than the entire economy of us here in the UK.

It is even more than Tony Blair got paid last year.

A country does not have to be a member of the European Union for its businesses to trade, to trade successfully, and have full access to EU markets.

And this is another fact, that you won't hear from the BBC.

Fact 3: Germany exports more cars to the UK than to any other country. Even including the United States.

This is a fact that Nigel Farage has said many times, but you won't hear it from the BBC.

Fact 4: The European Union has over one hundred trade agreements with countries outside the European Union. These trade agreements enable - to a greater or lesser degree - reduced tariffs or tariff free trade. And here is the list. (SLIDE D)

We in the UK are the European Union's biggest market. Moreover, we have a large and increasing trade deficit with them. We pay them much more than they pay us.

The European Union has trade agreements with Mexico, Chile, Madagascar, but not with China. It follows that an EU-UK trade agreement - although it is not absolutely necessary - is nonetheless absolutely inevitable.

And this is a fact that you won't hear from the BBC.

Now to Fact 5: One often hears the proposition that trade requires the free movement of people.

Not everybody knows there is a North American Free Trade Area - Mexico, Canada, and the United States. It is usually known by its initials - NAFTA. In value terms, NAFTA is approximately the same size as EU markets.

But in the very successful trading bloc that is NAFTA, there are border posts between the United States and Canada, and there are border controls, even with high fences, between the United States and Mexico.

With NAFTA, there is free movement of goods, services, and capital, but there is NO free movement of people.

And this is a fact that you won't Ever hear from the BBC, or, for that matter, the mainstream media.

Even with the good old EU - well, it's not so good, but you know what I mean - according to how you count them, the EU has 141 trade agreements. Over 130 of these trade agreements - to be precise, one hundred and thirty-seven of them - have no "free movement of people" clause.

Final fact, ws we all know, Japan and China are players, in the 21st century global economy. - Not even Tom and Jerry would deny that. In fact, Japan's exports in 2014 were 1 and a half times ours, China's exports were 5 times ours. But in neither country is there any material, non-ethnic, immigration. None. Or in case a translation is needed, niente, zero, zilch.

And these are facts, on trade and immigration, which you won't hear from the BBC.

What you will hear from the BBC is "3 million jobs" disappearing with BREXIT. This is tendentious nonsense. The only people who will lose their jobs, when we leave the EU, are MEPs - such as myself.

The BBC is a statutory corporation operating under a Royal Charter. It is paid for, by what is, in effect, a compulsory poll tax on us all. The BBC Charter states it has, and I quote, a "mission to inform, educate..."

But on the European Union, "the mission" is thrown out the window. Basically the BBC is only interested in carrying stories which put us and our cause in a bad light. The BBC replaces its mission to inform by a mission, to make as much mischief as possible, for all of us who are eurosceptics.

We saw during the General Election campaign the over the top interview with Nigel as UKIP Party Leader, the audiences at Question Time, the loaded interruptions from the Dimbleby brothers, and the rest. Being in favour of a European superstate runs through the very DNA of the BBC.

The evidence is clear. The BBC is already doing everything it can to stack the odds in the referendum. It is high time this stopped.

Sadly, the British mainstream media behave like sheep. They don't even have the independence of lambs. They follow the establishment line.

They are wrong to do so - and here's why.

Let's take the example of Iceland: Iceland - with a population of 323 thousand, just 20 thousand more than the Borough of Doncaster where we are now - trades, and trades successfully on its own, with the whole world.

  • Iceland even has its own trade agreement with China. By comparison, the EU has no trade agreement with China.
  • Iceland can negotiate its own trade agreements.
  • Iceland is an independent country in important respects in which the UK is not.

So long as we in the UK remain in the European Union, our commerce, business and industries are hampered by alien regulation.

Our English Common Law is inferior to the rulings of foreign courts.

Our National Health Service is hobbled by EU 'directive'.

Our people are subject to the European Arrest Warrant.

Our fish are stolen.

We cannot even choose, what vacuum cleaners we use, or the wattage of our ovens. The European Commission extends its sway over us even unto light bulbs.

A President of Israel once said, "People age, dreams are ageless."

We in UKIP have a dream.

Our dream is of an independent country.
That is not a province in a protectionist European super-state.
That is international and outward looking.
That can make its own choices, that controls its own borders.
That has an ethical policy on immigration.
That is self-confident.

This is our dream.

And this dream can come true only on Brexit, when we are, "out of the EU, and into the world".

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