Outrageous ruling goes against the principle of British justice

Published Mar 10, 2015

Jill_Seymour.jpegUKIP Transport spokesman Jill Seymour MEP has slammed the ‘outrageous’ court ruling which is forcing the Government to pay compensation to a drug dealer involved in a car crash.

Sean Delaney, from Bedworth in Warwickshire, was left with long term disabilities when the Mercedes in which he was travelling crashed near Nuneaton nine years ago. The father of four, who had to be cut free from the wreckage, was found with a ‘football-sized’ portion of cannabis worth around £1,000 in his jacket. The Department of Transport initially refused to pay Delaney any compensation because he was caught in a criminal act, but the decision has now been overturned at the Appeal Court. The court ruled that the UK policy of refusing to compensate accident victims who have been knowingly involved in crime contravenes EU directives concerning motor insurance.

Mrs Seymour, who is also fighting The Wrekin constituency at the general election, said: "It is an outrage that goes against a principle of British Justice.

“The common sense position, derived from the Common Law and the will of the British people, is that if you are engaged knowingly in crime then you cannot get compensation for injuries during the commission of that crime.

“Instead the EU, through legislation supported by all but 16 MEPs written by a Lib Dem MEP, Diane Wallis is now forcing the British taxpayer to hand over hundreds of thousands of pounds to a crook.

“It just shows that while we remain in the EU, common sense flies out of the window and British justice is a joke. It’s all about the criminals, not about the victims.”

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