Parliament a 'Cash Point' for political establishment say UKIP


William_Cash_at_desk_library_.jpgThe news that twelve former Labour MPs and two Lib Dem MPs have received huge tax payer funded severance 'pay outs' after being voted out of their seats reveals the level of money grubbing sleaze at the heart of Labour and Lib Dems says UKIP front bench spokesman William Cash.

The biggest 'golden goodbye' pay out was to former Labour Immigration minister Mike O'Brien, standing again in North Warwickshire after being voted out in 2010, He was paid £64,766 on being booted out of Parliament, the highest amount paid to any of the 14 Labour or Lib Dem MPs who were shamed by the Mail.

Cash says that such payouts reveal how former MPs such as O'Brien regard Parliament as a 'personal cash point' to be exploited for personal gain.

Many of the so called 'retread' MPs shamed were also embroiled in the expenses scandal. Between all 12, they have been paid over £650,000 as a 'goodbye' fee. Yet they are now standing again without so much as mentioning their severance pay to local voters

No former Tory MPs kicked out in 2010 are standing  again. 'Candidates like Mike O Brien are just career politicians with their noses deep in the Westminster trough. They regard Westminster as a meal ticket. These defeated Labour and Lib Dem  MPs, most of whom were embroiled in scandal, stand for the mistakes of the past and not the fresh start and future that Britain deserves' says Cash who is UKIP's Heritage and Tourism spokesman.

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