Party Chairman welcomes ruling that confirms UKIP as a major party

Published Mar 16, 2015

steve-crowther.jpgReacting to Ofcom's decision to recognise UKIP as a major party in the forthcoming elections, UKIP Chairman, Steve Crowther said,

“I am pleased to hear the ruling confirming that UKIP is now recognised as a major party.

“The fact that UKIP was the victor in the last two by-elections, in the European elections last year, whilst maintaining its regular polling in the high teens and is considerably ahead of the Liberal Democrats and in many parts of the country is supported by a quarter of the electorate or more means that this is simply a recognition of what everybody knows.”

In addition, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has said: It's great news that UKIP has been confirmed as a major party by Ofcom. It will cement in people's minds: if you vote UKIP, you'll get UKIP."

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