Patrick O’Flynn: 'We must protest at Cameron's latest sell-out to Brussels'


PatrickOflynn.pngUKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn MEP has urged party members to support a new petition that calls for the Government to begin moves to leave the EU before the wholesale loss of national vetoes occurs in November.

The loss of vetoes in 43 areas of public policy will occur on November 1 under a provision of the Lisbon Treaty. It will come as Home Secretary Theresa May also opts back into EU control of 35 justice and policing measures.

East of England MEP Mr O’Flynn said: “On their own either of these moves would constitute a very significant loss of national sovereignty. But in combination their impact will be enormous.

“So much for the Prime Minister’s assurance that any proposal by him for a transfer of sovereignty to Brussels would be accompanied by a referendum. In the small-print it no doubt says that this applies only to future treaties and not to the ongoing consequences of the ones already signed – but that will cut little ice with the British people.

“We need a referendum on these matters now – not a vague promise of one in three years’ time. I also urge people to support the excellent petition on the 38 Degrees website calling on the Government to institute negotiations to leave the EU under Lisbon’s Article 50 before the loss of vetoes and further move to Qualified Majority Voting takes place.

“David Cameron, George Osborne and in fact the whole Tory Party are being unmasked as plastic sceptics when it comes to protecting British national sovereignty.

“These events show yet again that only UKIP can be trusted to take on the Brussels machine whenever it seeks to carry out another power grab.”

The 38 Degrees petition can be found here

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