Patrick O'Flynn responds to Cameron on tax cuts


patch.jpgUKIP economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn today criticised David Cameron for his claim to be an instinctive tax-cutter.

Mr O'Flynn said: "No wonder so many voters are so cynical about the political class in general and the man at its apex in particular.

"The fact is that David Cameron based his political ascent on arguing that the Tories should support the excessive tax-and-spend approach of Gordon Brown that did so much damage to our economy, pushed us into such debt and damaged incentives for hard work and wealth creation.

"It was not until the autumn of 2007 that Mr Cameron suddenly realised that Brown was taxing, spending and borrowing too much after all. UKIP had long been warning the political class of this fact.

"It also just won't wash for Mr Cameron to claim to be on the side of Middle Britain when he authorised the Chancellor, George Osborne, to massively lower the threshold for paying income tax at 40 per cent.

"When that same Chancellor has been reported saying that he believes people like being dragged into the 40 per cent tax trap because it makes them feel they have made it in life, then the overall impression is not that of an administration led by a principled statesman, but by a man who changes direction according to which way the wind is blowing.

"UKIP will keep pressing for income tax cuts and the scrapping of inheritance tax too in order to give the British people a fairer deal. If a by-product of our pressure is to force the Prime Minister to change his own approach to the taxation of the British public then so much the better."

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