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"Before the election, everyone said Cameron can’t come out as being too Eurosceptic. They all said: ‘Just you see what he does when he comes to power.’ Well, he’s there now, and he’s made no efforts whatsoever to curb the influence of the EU. He has given up, and it’s disastrous for our  country."

– Stuart Wheeler, Independent on Sunday, January 16, 2011 

As a Patrons Club member, you will be entitled to the following benefits:

Policy Forums

UKIP is the fourth political party in the UK, with an unequivocal commitment to freedom, democracy, small
government and local control. As such, we stand on a complete policy 
platform, offering a radical alternative.

As a Patron, you have the opportunity to inform our policy development through attendance at Policy Forums and regular communication with our Policy Unit think-tank. Your experience and expertise is of great value to us in 
reconnecting politics with the people, across all walks of life.

The Party Network

Many people want to be part of a political movement but don’t have the time, or perhaps the inclination, for committee work.

The Party Network celebrates the rebirth of the political ‘salon’. In each region, PN members get together to host and attend cocktail parties, 
receptions, private dinners, shoots or other events that combine socialising with a political flavour.

Open to members and non-members, by invitation, the Party Network 
provides opportunities for regular 
contact with leading Party 
representatives, to discuss latest 
developments and bring more 
sympathisers into the fold.

The Gadfly Club

Named in honour of Michael 
Howard’s famous description of UKIP as “cranks and gadflies”, the Gadfly Club has been meeting for dinner, by invitation, in Strasbourg during the monthly plenary session for several years.

Always a lively occasion, the dinner brings together members and staff of the UKIP delegation, plus Eurosceptics from other countries’ delegations and staff.
Now, the Club is extending to the UK, with the aim of hosting a series of equally entertaining dinners throughout the year, with invited guests 
including leading anti-EU campaigners from around the 27 states.

For further information on the 
Party Network in your area, or forthcoming Gadfly Club events, contact the Party Chairman at

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