Patrons Club

peter-jewell-1.jpgSince 1993, the UK Independence Party has represented the growing number of Britons – of all races and creeds – who were unhappy with the transfer of powers from Westminster to the European institutions.

Throughout that time, we’ve been sustained by donations, both from our members and from others who recognised that without UKIP, the fight was over.

Now the tide is turning – and we need your help more than ever. By joining the Patrons Club, you help us to step up the fight for Britain’s interests, pressurise the other parties at the ballot box and defend our economy from the disastrous effects of Euro-integration.

The Patrons Club is for supporters who are able to give £1000 or more to the cause annually. This brings you:

  1. Honorary Membership of the party, or Supporter status if you prefer.

  2. Invitations to a programme of exclusive events, including dinners hosted by Nigel Farage, speaker events, policy forums and a reception at our Annual Conference.

  3. Policy briefing papers and pamphlets on publication.

  4. Honorary membership of the Gadfly Club, the MEP's dining club in Strasbourg.

  5. Enrolment in the Party Network, providing opportunities to meet and debate with like-minded people around the country.

  6. Cornish pewter lapel badge and ‘Cranks and Gadflies’ tie.

With the City of London under threat, our defence compromised, and the European institutions making a ‘dash for power’ in the wake of the Euro crisis, there’s never been a better time to get involved. We hope you’ll join us.

Peter Jewell,
Deputy Treasurer

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