Paul Nuttall: ‘A Better Education System for a Better Britain’


paulnuttall.jpgPrimary education

We need a return to a more traditional primary education, with ‘the three ‘R’s.

Scrap sex and relationship education for children under the age of 11.

Open door immigration has caused the number of children being taught in classes, to breach the 30 limit. This has doubled in five years, and there will soon be 2 children fighting for every 1 place at the more popular primary schools.


A grammar school in every town.

UKIP would ensure that there is only ONE exam board for GCSE’s and ONE for A Levels offering ONE course for the relevant subject. Ending the option for schools to choose the easiest syllabus available.

Every child is different and one-size fits all does not work. Some are good at academia and some with their hands. UKIP will introduce an Apprenticeship Qualification Option to take the place of 4 GCSE’s and be carried on to A-Level.

We will reverse the trend to shut Special Schools.

To prevent a repeat of operation Trojan Horse, UKIP would ensure that an OFSTED investigation would take place if 25% of parents and governors signed a petition expressing concern.

Higher Education

Scrap the target of 50% of school leavers going to university.

Scrap tuition fees for able students pursuing courses in the sciences, technology, maths or medicine

Charge the 70,000 university students from the EU the same amount in tuition fees as foreign students from non-EU countries, raising £600million per year.

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