Paul Nuttall accuses Labour of betrayal on immigration

Published Jan 10, 2017

PaulNuttall1.jpgUKIP leader Paul Nuttall said:"Labour has betrayed millions of British families on immigration. It was Labour that threw open our jobs market to millions of Eastern Europeans with no transitional controls at all.

"What Jeremy Corbyn is committing himself to today is not even worthy of the term 'sticking plaster'. For him to think stopping a few online job ads is going to have any real impact on the movement of people from the low wage economies of Eastern Europe is a joke.

"The British people - and working class communities in particular - want full control restored over our borders so the volume of immigration can be brought down sharply.

"That will ease the pressure on the NHS and other public services, on housing and community cohesion and give working people the prospect of a pay rise again after years of flatline wages. Only UKIP is offering this through our backing of a points system based on criteria that will slash migrant numbers.

"If Jeremy Corbyn thinks working class voters will be fooled by the load of flannel he has come out with today then he has another think coming."

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