Paul Nuttall urges: follow ex-Lord Mayor of Belfast Bob Stoker into UKIP



Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP’s Deputy Leader, on one of his regular visits to Northern Ireland has welcomed Bob Stoker, the former Lord Mayor of Belfast into the ranks of UKIP.

“Bob Stoker is a first rate recruit to the ranks of UKIP. As a Councillor of many years standing and as a former Lord Mayor of Belfast, he brings massive experience in public service which will be of great value to the Party. Make no mistake about it, serious and experienced political figures are joining UKIP.

"The truth is out there – that UKIP is the party of the voter, the party of the people, the party that truly represents what people think. Bob is a great addition to UKIP and his dedicated record of serving the people and good judgement will be very welcome.

“UKIP’s door is open - so people should come and join Bob in creating a people’s revolution in politics. Your old parties locally are as stale and self-interested as the old parties are across the water. We need to get them all out of office where they can, by their self-interest and selfishness, damage the lives of ordinary people. Come and join UKIP the people’s party now and help build a new country run in the interests of its people instead of the interests of a few political hacks.”

“Nigel Farage asked me to add his warm welcome to Bob and express his delight that Bob is joining the Northern Ireland team.”

David McNarry MLA said he was delighted to welcome Bob Stoker, the former Lord Mayor of Belfast into UKIP.

“Bob has a wealth of experience in local government, having risen to what might be regarded as the top position in local government in Northern Ireland as Lord Mayor of Belfast. Bob is known for his honesty and integrity, for his wisdom, hard work and political experience. He will be a great addition to the UKIP team in Northern Ireland. I have known Bob for a long time and am delighted that he has chosen to come over to UKIP. Like so many before him, not only is he is attracted personally to UKIP but he also sees that UKIP is connecting in a real way with ordinary voters, voicing their deep concerns. We are the party of the ordinary voter, the party that speaks up for people when others prefer to hide behind political correctness and ignore - and brush under the carpet - the very real problems that confront our society. I give Bob Stoker, a warm and sincere welcome into the ranks of UKIP today.”

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