Paul Nuttall: The 300 must stand firm for Greece and Democracy


In a barn-storming speech in the European Parliament Plenary session today in the presence of European Council President Tusk and Commission president Juncker, UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall called for the Greek people to stand up and struggle for their birth right – democracy.

Paul Nuttall criticised the treatment of the Greek people and urged them to stand firm in the face of the undemocratic force of the EU, thus ensuring their society will once again prosper and that democracy will prevail.

"To the Greek Parliament, I ask will the 300 stand firm?
To the people of Greece, I say be courageous and protect your birth right.
You are the creators of democracy and now you must save it.
Invoke the courage and spirit of your ancient forefathers.
Do not buckle, do not falter and do not give in." Nuttall said.

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