Paul Sykes takes on UKIP campaigns role


paul.pngPaul Sykes has been appointed Chairman, Campaigns Group by the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He will head up the team focussing on the key target seats which UKIP aims to win in the 2015 General Election, as well as developing the overall national campaign.

The Yorkshire-based businessman was a major contributor to UKIP’s campaign for the 2014 European Elections, which saw UKIP become the only party other than Labour or the Conservatives to win a UK national election for more than 100 years.

Announcing the move, UKIP Chairman Steve Crowther said: “Paul has played a huge role in our successes this year, and we are delighted to have him on board for the ‘big one’ – our drive to get UKIP MPs into Parliament next May.

“As many people know, Paul is a man committed passionately to UK independence, who has been working to re-establish our right to govern ourselves and control our own country for 25 years. He is a seasoned and shrewd political campaigner whose experience is invaluable to us, and will help to deliver the breakthrough we expect on May 7th, which will permanently change the political complexion of the United Kingdom.”

Paul Sykes said: “I would like to thank UKIP’s National Executive Committee for having the trust in me to head up the campaign to win as many target seats as possible. Only by electing UKIP MPs to the House of Commons can we hope to start getting back control of our own borders from the EU, and making our own laws in our own Parliament, and once again become a truly self-governing democracy.”

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