PC stands for Police Constable, not Politically Correct

Published Dec 08, 2015

LOUISEBOURS.pngNews that some police forces in the UK feel hamstrung by political correctness when dealing with so-called honour crimes is “deeply disturbing”, says Louise Bours MEP.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has reported that three out of 43 forces are “completely unprepared” to deal with such crimes – and that only three across the country were prepared. The BBC reports today that honour crime “is the name given to offences carried out by people claiming they are protecting their cultural and religious beliefs”.

Ms Bours, UKIP MEP for the North West, said: “I find it deeply disturbing that many of our police forces feel hindered by political correctness gone mad. I’m sure that for most people, if it was their daughter being mutilated, abused or sold off to the highest bidder, they would protect her by any means possible and to hell with what names people called them for doing so.

“The police exist to protect people’s safety and welfare, not a misguided cultural ideology. They must start doing their job properly when it comes to abuse and violence of this kind. It is not good enough to say the police have been scared about being seen to be racist. PC is supposed to stand for Police Constable, not Politically Correct.

“Clearly the only people that would try to say it is racist to punish Muslims that rape, abuse and mutilate young girls will be those that are committing the crimes and trying to find a way of justifying their despicable and primitive behaviour.

“Turning a blind eye also says to society that it is okay to act in such a way if you believe it is part of your culture and heritage; and yet we are surprised that Islamic terrorism is a growing threat.

“With over 11,000 ‘honour’ offences taking place in less than a year the police and authorities need to wake up, protect our people and even if they risk being called racist, they need to do the right thing.”

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