PCC candidate pledges to give criminals a tough time


Keith_Rowe.jpgUKIP’s candidate in the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner by-election has set out his tough, “no-nonsense” vision for policing in the West Midlands.

Keith Rowe, says the key role of Police and Crime Commissioners is to ensure that the voice of the public is heard at the highest levels in the police.

If elected in August, he promises a tough stance on crime, ensuring the rights of law-abiding people are put first.

He said: “I would be a strong and independently-minded leader bringing a no-nonsense, common sense approach to policing in the West Midlands Police area which would give criminals a tough time.

“As a Police and Crime Commissioner my main priority would tough policing, based on old fashioned instincts combined with a common sense approach, to be taken towards all kinds of criminal behaviour.

“I am totally committed to bolstering frontline policing and seeing more bobbies on the beat.

“Policing should be about catching and punishing criminals – not just issuing incident numbers and punishing motorists.

“I believe in cutting waste and unnecessary expenditure, that there should be close co-operation between all of the emergency services and that there should be no privatisation of the force, in any area.

“More than 20 years of experience in business has given me the experience to manage effectively and to drive an organisation in a clear direction.

“I would work closely with the Chief Constable to ensure that the West Midlands continues to be policed effectively and efficiently.”

West Midlands MEP Bill Etheridge, who stood as UKIP’s candidate in the last Police and Crime Commissioner election in the West Midlands, said: “Keith is a fantastic candidate.

“He would put the interests of the victim before the criminal and would give the law-abiding public a strong voice.”

West Midlands MEP James Carver, added: “Keith is just what the people of the West Midlands need - an independently-minded individual, strongly opposed privatisation of the force, in all areas.

“As someone who clearly thinks "outside of the box", his approach will, I'm sure, benefit both the people of the West Midlands, and the Police themselves, in the current political correct climate.

“Furthermore, Keith is wholeheartedly committed to strengthening the reassuring presence of frontline policing.”

The election takes place on August 21st.

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