Peter Jewell appointed Justice Spokesman

Published Dec 06, 2016

PeterJewellRole.jpgPeter Jewell said, "Having previously served as Magistrate for twenty years and a Director and Trustee of the Magistrates Association I have seen at first hand the issues facing our Courts, Prison service and our wider system of justice. Court processes from charging to sentencing are a disorganised mess, we are seeing the closure of courts, the lowering of standards and the cutting of costs to court operations and allied organisations such as the National Probation Service and Citizens Advice Witness Service.

"We have also seen detrimental changes to the Civil Courts and the Tribunal process as well as cutbacks in legal aid. So one of my major roles as UKIP's Justice Spokesman will be to highlight these issues and lay out ways to improve things. I believe that the court process has to be efficient but that justice should have no cost.

"Furthermore, it is obvious that there are significant issues in our prisons, clearly the Prison Service needs to improve it's operations but also we need to take a look at the rehabilitation process and how we deal with hardened criminals.

"Elsewhere, I am keen to speak out about how we deal with our Family Courts system as well as talk about the iniquitous European Arrest Warrant and the affect it is having on British justice."

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "Peter brings years of relevant experience on the bench to his role as Justice spokesman. His depths of knowledge and concern for Justice in all its forms will make him a formidable spokesman, particularly at a time when customary British justice, a beacon for the world, is under huge threat from a system of law that is an ill fit with our traditions and society".

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