Peter Whittle: “Beyond Multiculturalism: Towards a United Future”


sidebar_(1).jpgWe should look beyond the discredited doctrine of Multiculturalism, and focus instead on a united British culture.

Launching a discussion document, Beyond Multiculturalism: Towards a United Future, Whittle goes on to describe how years of multiculturalism has led to fragmentation in society.

Fears of upsetting a multicultural balance has led to a blind eye being turned to such scandals as the child abuse in Rotherham and the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham, he says.

Women from some minorities have been especially let down by multiculturalism. Practices such as FGM, which are a crime in Britain, have gone unpunished due to fears of charges of racism and misplaced cultural sensitivities.

In some areas Multiculturalism has led paradoxically to a series of mono-cultures which do not mix.

Whittle goes on to say that the importance of English as a common language is vital. It is the fundamental glue which holds our society together.

The supremacy of British law must be upheld, he says, as must the basic principle of freedom of speech.

Whittle looks towards next year's 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta as an opportunity to celebrate an event which goes to the very root of who and what we are as a nation.

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