UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle AM reappointed Culture Spokesman

Published Dec 01, 2016

PeterWhittleRole.jpgUKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle AM said, "I am delighted to be carrying on with my role as Culture Spokesman. Some of the biggest issues of our time are cultural ones and UKIP is the only party which realises this fully.

"Upholding the supremacy of British Law, and the need to maintain our precious freedom of speech are just two of the issues I will continue to highlight and fight for.

"But also, I believe that the national self-denigration which has become embedded and which has chipped away at our confidence for decades, must be challenged and reversed.

"We are the only party with the courage and commitment to do this."

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "There are few people better qualified to talk on this subject than Peter. He has been a courageous and dogged defender of British rights and liberties that are increasingly coming under attack from within and outside the UK."

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