Peter Whittle's interview in the Metro

Published Feb 17, 2016

Read UKIP's London Mayoral Candidate Peter Whittle's two page interview in yesterday's Metro on overcrowded trains, free culture and the best place for a (very mild) curry.FullSizeRender.jpg

How would you tackle overcrowding?

We've got to build more houses. It's accepts that London is growing by about a million a decade. Is it just simply going to be allowed to grow and grow? It's about quality of life, not just about money or economics.

How do you address the monetising of London?

I'd put democracy back in the hands of people when it comes to large developments. We think there should be binding referenda, held by local authorities. It would be popular and it is very democratic.

What is UKIP's priority after the EU referendum vote?

We used to be called a one-issue party. First it was Europe, then it was immigration. We have a wide platform, as seen in our brilliant general election manifesto. When it comes to migration, people don't think there's any difference between Labour and Tory. That is one area where we have a distinctive position.

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