Peter Whittle: “We’re making history”


Peter-Whittle-2.jpgUKIP Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle outlined our commitment to protecting British values and freedom. It is of a country of people who see themselves as British citizens, regardless of faith or ethnicity.

He said, "It is we who are delivering a torpedo to a political establishment that is rotten to the core.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, we in UKIP do stand up for our values and we do want people to integrate. We respect people’s different faiths and beliefs. There should be no doubt about this.

"To build a more integrated society, we must at first have a fair and reasonable immigration policy. For immigration is not just about numbers. It is not just about economics. A country is more than just its economy.

"We believe firmly in the rule of law, and that there should be one law for all. That law is British law. Forced marriage, honour killings, the appalling practice of female genital mutilation, these must have no place in our society. Despite being explicitly against British law, there has been no successful prosecution for FGM."

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