Plain Packs: it's plain wrong, in principle and in practice

Published Mar 11, 2015

Paul_Nuttall.jpegToday's vote to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes is wrong both in principle and practice," says UKIP's Deputy Leader Paul Nuttall.

"It is wrong that it was just dealt with by a committee and not open to discussion by all MPs on the floor of the House. It is the nanny state at its worst and an affront to democracy to, push ahead with legislation without a full reasoned debate.

"Worse still it fails even to deliver what its proponents argue. Plain packaging is bound to lead to an increase in counterfeiting and who knows what toxic substances could be in them, it sends shivers down my spine," said Mr Nuttall.

"It is estimated that counterfeit tobacco products will cost the Treasury billions a year and at the same time increase the risk to smokers. Monitoring by retail and manufacturing bodies will also become unreliable because of the black market.

"No one wants to encourage anyone to smoke but this measure is not evidence based and UKIP opposes it as it infringes the principle of personal choice. I do not believe that plain standardised packaging is the way forward."

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