Plans for a very strong, very open trade deal with Australia are warmly welcome

Published Sep 05, 2016

James_Carver.jpegPlans for a “very strong, very open” trade deal with Australia have been warmly welcomed by UKIP's Commonwealth Spokesman James Carver MEP.

Australian prime minster Malcolm Turnbull has spoken of planning for a deal between the UK and his country as being “already well advanced.”

“I have always said that we should have trade deals with our Commonwealth friends and in the wake of Brexit this will now be possible,” said Mr Carver.

“For too many decades we have been tied down to the failing EU trading bloc but now we can begin to draw up trade deals with whichever country we like,” said Mr Carver, UKIP MEP for the West Midlands.

“We have particularly close ties with Australia and I am delighted that their Prime Minister is very keen that we should have a trade deal as soon as possible.

“It is, however, extremely worrying that because we have not been able to negotiate our own trade deals for more than 40 years we do not have experienced negotiators. That is a dilemma and one the government must address as a matter of urgency,” said Mr Carver.

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