Plans to build Garden Bridge should be put to rest says UKIP's Peter Whittle

Published Jul 26, 2016


Following news that the new Transport Secretary Chris Grayling MP is due to consider whether to extend a £15m government underwriting of the £175m Garden Bridge project until September, UKIP London Assembly member Peter Whittle has called for him and London Mayor Sadiq Khan to "lay to rest" plans to build the Garden Bridge.

Peter Whittle AM said, "I have been campaigning against the Garden Bridge for many months now. It is emblematic of the vanity projects that our political elite become besotted with and it is superfluous at a time of hardship for many.

"A Bridge that will require public support to maintain but will be closed off for private functions and prevents certain sized groups from crossing and in addition will cost astronomical sums to construct is not something that I can support so I am pleased that the Transport Secretary is considering the Government's ongoing support for this white elephant project.

"I call upon Chris Grayling and in addition London's Mayor Sadiq Khan to lay this project to rest and refocus efforts on creating a more worthwhile crossing in East London."

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