Platitudes and Kicking the Can

Published Mar 02, 2018

Theresa May has finally set out her plan. 5 tests set our country free she suggests. They do nothing of the sort, they are a vision of the softest of Brexits, with the possibility of a harder Brexit to come.

Gerard Batten, UKIP’s leader said, 

“Having listened to Mrs May’s 5 tests they are all just aspirational waffle, but waffle nonetheless.  She has had have been 19 months since the referendum to come up with some serious statements of intent, but all she seems to have achieved is half a page of platitudes.

“On many points of detail to be fair she appears in to be going in the right direction, but not with the fortitude and speed that is required. Time is short to ensure the preparations are in place to ensure her promises, good promises that both Parliament and most importantly the UK courts will have complete sovereignty in this country.  

But it is clear that she isn’t actually a committed Leaver with all her talk of regulatory alignment and continued membership of a slew of EU agencies and organisations. 

“But she he leaves it to future Governments to get the independence that we voted for and she claims to promise here. 

“This leaves too many doors ajar for future Governments, the establishment and the EU to put their foot in to stop the door to stop if fully closing.

“What she is delivering is not Brexit, but the possibility of future Brexit. This is not nearly good enough. 

“When this country went to the polls in 2016 they were promised that the Government would deliver off the result. We are not even close to that on its own terms. 

“Not nearly good enough. So the Prime Ministers speech, a curates egg, 5 out of 10. Could and must do better!”

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