Please let's use commonsense says Margot Parker on women's dress code

Published Jan 30, 2017

download.jpgMargot Parker, UKIP's women and equalities spokesperson, has pleaded for commonsense over proposed company dress code plans.

Under the scheme, employment tribunals could force companies to stop enforcing dress codes.

That could mean an end to what sort of shoes, clothes, or make-up employees are made to wear.

Margot said: "Let's use our commonsense here, not legislation.

"What about nurses? Airline pilots, stewards and stewardesses? Those in the hospitality industry?

"Then there are the jobs where works are on their feet all day – hairdressers for example - surely then the company should be showing a care of duty by telling its workers what sort of shoes to wear.

"This really is an issue which just needs a bit of commonsense on both sides and not legislation.

"You would expect a receptionist to look smart and presentable, whether that is a women or a man and you would expect people to wear suitable uniforms in all sorts of jobs – for practical reasons.

"Of course, women should not feel 'sexualised' by being forced to wear, say, high heels.

"That is entirely reasonable, as is making sure laws do not discriminate on the grounds of gender but by the same token we should really be careful about opening up the floodgates on workplace uniforms and use our commonsense."

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