PM slammed for gung-ho military intervention

Published Jul 19, 2015

Mike_Hookem.jpegUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem has slammed David Cameron's comments committing the UK to involvement in another foreign war.

Mr Hookem, a former soldier, said rather than saying UK troops will work with the U.S to tackle Islamic State, "what we need is a world wide coalition, led by Arab nations, not the UK and U.S. once again acting as the world's self appointed policemen."

Mr Hookem, who has also called for Russia and China to be involved in any decision on military action, continued, "Over the past twenty years, we have seen gung-ho military intervention in the Middle East on numerous occasions and all this has done is to help spread militant jihadism in that region and beyond."

"We have also seen lives cut short and young men and women maimed from fighting in countries where we now have IS moving in.

"Islamic State is now a worldwide problem and demands a worldwide response - including Russia and China - if we are to avoid a proxy war situation developing as in Syria in 2013."

"Also, any coalition to fight IS must be led by Arab nations who are under direct threat from IS, not by the U.S. and UK, who have proved time and again that they have little to no understanding of how to reconstruct these countries after any combat is over and whose meddling only exacerbates and already explosive situation."

"It was only two years ago Mr Cameron wanted to fight against Assad, supporting the euphemistically named 'Rebels' who revealed their true nature shortly afterwards".

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