Political pressure from UKIP has prevented the Scottish police from regularly carrying glock automatic pistols admits Chief Constable for Scotland


The Chief Constable for Scotland has admitted that political pressure from UKIP’s campaign to prevent the Scottish police regularly carrying glock automatic pistols has proven successful.

UKIP MEP David Coburn who led the campaign warned “we must police by consent”. “We don’t want to turn Pittenweem into Dodge City. An unarmed police force being a proud British boast and the SNP’s attempt to create a foreign less tolerant different authoritarian Scotland is not the gentle Scotland that we know and love.“

David Coburn also criticised other SNP authoritarian measures such as abolishing corroboration and the Named Person act which appoints a state guardian for every child in Scotland wil the right to interfere in private family life.

This illiberal act was passed with the support of Labour and the abstention of the Tories in the Scottish Parliament.

The SNP want to change Scotland in  an authoritarian way incompatible with the traditions of the Scottish people and UKIP’s libertarian values which are old fashioned Scottish Values. 

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