Post-debate polls see Nigel trounce hapless Clegg in BBC debate



UKIP Leader Nigel Farage emerged victorious from the second debate against Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg with his strong, convincing arguments on immigration, trade and Britain's brighter future outside the EU wining over television audiences.

The YouGov poll of post-debate opinion but Nigel with 68% of the vote while Clegg languished on just 27% and the remainder undecided.

A further Guardian/ICM poll put Nigel on 69% with Clegg on 31%.

The results come after last week's impassioned debate shown live on LBC and Sky News when a YouGov poll of 1,003 people found 57% thought the UKIP leader performed best compared with 36% for Mr Clegg.

Supporters can join UKIP here and show support for Nigel Farage with the hashtag #TeamNigel. 

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