Post Worboys, now is not the time for a massive increase in early release

Published Jan 09, 2018

Following on from the decision of the Parole board to release the sex offender John Warboys the government have introduced the extension of “Home Detention Curfews” (HDCs).

“The principle of HDC’s has merit” UKIP Justice spokesman Peter Jewell said, "but before a prisoner was released he or she went through a significant vetting procedure by the Probation Service so they could assess the prisoners suitability. With this process about three prisoners a month were released from each detention centre.

"Now the government are increasing this activity by releasing as many prisoners as possible using only a minimal “home circumstances” to qualify for HDC. This scheme is understood to be monitored by the security conglomerate, G4S"

What is the criteria for qualification for HDC?

The only offences not covered are,

People on the sex offenders register

Civil sentences under 28 days and over 4 years Life sentences

Those under deportation under IS91

Peter Jewell went on to say “whilst there is a role for HDCs it means that those involved or on the periphery of terrorist activity and those who have committed violent crime could be released”.

"These should be before the courts for Judges and Magistrates to consider evidence before them. Peter Jewell went on to comment about the Warboys release. “whilst it does seem strange, however I cannot comment on issues that I have not seen the evidence, But I do believe open reasoned decisions should be given in these matters. "What is the cause ? Prisons are under funded therefore under staffed and the pay scales should be on the same grade as Police."

Richard Bingley, the UKIP Home Affairs spokesman said "This case is representative of an attitude to public safety by this government that is indifferent to the point of being negligent. The first duty of any government is public protection. After seven years of unsustainable cuts to our homeland security services, it really is time for Theresa May to stand aside."

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