Powerful and courageous performance by UKIP Leader

Published May 31, 2017

peterwhittle.jpgTalking about the BBC Election Debate that took place in Cambridge on Thursday night, UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle said, “It’s clear that Paul Nuttall showed a resolve, courage and leadership that has been lacking from the rest of the Westminster establishment.

“Paul spoke to people in Britain who are living in the real world. Unlike the others he was honest, direct, and confident about the future of Britain.

“Despite a blanket of denial from the other speakers, he was prepared to talk about the real threats faced by our society. He was prepared to call out Islamic Extremism for what it is rather than simply restate the platitudes we are so used to. He was realistic about the impact of immigration on jobs and our public services.


“In a Brexit election there was no question about Brexit, and yet it was the elephant in the room across all aspects that were raised.

“He was strong on the economy and he was compassionate about the challenges faced by the hard pressed working majority in this country.

“This was a powerful, honest and courageous performance.

“This will be recognised by voters right across the country.”

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