Predictable but shamelessly quick - Sadiq Khan breaks his fare freeze promise

Published Jun 08, 2016

DavidK.jpgIt has emerged that the cost of travelcards is to continue rising despite a promise made by Sadiq Khan during the London elections to freeze fares for the full mayoral term. In his campaign Mr Khan promised that Londoners would pay the same fares in 2020, when he’ll be up for re-election, as they did at the start of his mayoralty. However, yesterday Mr Khan told the London Assembly that his fares freeze would not cover travelcards, or daily and weekly Oyster and contactless card caps.
Responding, UKIP's David Kurten, who sits on the London Assembly's Transport Committee said, "Sadiq Khan breaking his fares freeze promise was predictable but still I am astonished by how shamelessly quick it was.

"We are sadly quickly becoming used to Sadiq Khan rowing back from his campaign pledges and promises. First it was in the area of housing, now it is transport - is there any area of his election manifesto that he seeks to honour? It's a good thing there is a revolving door at the entrance to City Hall as it looks to me that Sadiq Kahan's manifesto is using it.

"He has done the people of London a grave disservice by having made promises during his campaign that he won't and can't keep during his term of office."

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