Paul Nuttall: Preserving the Union

Published Feb 27, 2015

PaulNutall-new1.jpgUKIP advocates English Votes on English Laws in the House of Commons as a way of preserving the Union. We will highlight the weakness of William Hague’s proposals and the Labour Party’s point blank refusal to give a voice for England.

The SNPs blatant opportunism and we call for non-English MPs to not only not vote on English only issues but remove themselves from the chamber. We make it clear that we will not allow the SNP tail to wag the English dog.

We praise the Scottish people and how the Independence debate re-energised their interest in politics. However, we are critical of the actions of the SNP after they lost the referendum.

We call for a rebalancing of the Union to ensure that it survives into the 21st century and also address Labour's proposals for regionalisation and the EU sponsored efforts to break up England.

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