Prime Minister fails to mention critical migration policy


StevenWoolfe.jpegResponding to the Prime Minister’s policy speech in Nottingham, UKIP’s Migration Spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP commented: "Despite all his rhetoric last year, David Cameron's omission of immigration as a major topic during this year's election is yet another example of the Prime Minister running away from debating the big issues.

"Immigration is the one common theme across all areas of policy, whether its putting pressure on the NHS with a growing population, driving down wages and affecting jobs, leading to overcrowding in schools and falling education standards or posing big questions about social cohesion. The matter absolutely cannot be swept under the carpet.

"UKIP is not afraid to address the issue head on, unlike the Prime Minister who knows he can't control our borders while in the EU and wants to dodge the topic altogether. For far too long political correctness has stifled discussion and diminished accountability. But the majority of the British public now recognise that we need to face up to reality and put immigration firmly back on the political agenda. UKIP is the only party doing that."

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