Proposals put to the Migration Advisory Committee are a smoke screen

Published Jun 10, 2015

Steven_Woolfe.jpegThe Prime Minister has today announced that the Migration Advisory Committee is to consider new measures to reduce demand for migrant labour. Responding to the news UKIP Migration Spokesman Steven Woolfe MEP said: 

"These proposals put to the Migration Advisory Committee are a smoke screen. It is a classic case of talking the talk, but when reality kicks, they fail to walk the walk on immigration.I welcome the fact that the government has finally recognised that only by having strict controls on work migration can they actually reduce overall net migration.

"Although these proposals sets out tougher restrictions on Non EEA Work Migration, they are failing to tackle work migration from inside the EU. This is because, any government of any colour, can not control any category of migration from inside the EU. The current EU president, Juncker has already made clear that 'Free movement' of people inside the European Union is non negotiable in future negotiations between the EU and Britain and will remain indefinitely.

He continued, "More and more economists are beginning to recognise daily that an oversupply of labour from within the EU is pushing down wages and causing job displacement across the UK, yet no party, apart from UKIP, recognises that the only solution to the problem is to leave the European Union. UKIP's Migration policy outside of the EU would consist of a 50 thousand cap on Highly Skilled work visas and a 5 year moratorium on low skilled labour. Our sensible Migration policies are founded on the principle of a fair, ethical and non discriminatory policy to all. Until we leave the European Union, we can not control the level of immigration into the UK. The bottom line is we are a borderless nation."

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