Rapid implementation of a common EU migration and asylum policy would be wholly unacceptable

Published Apr 29, 2015

Nigel Farage has warned against the rapid implementation of common EU migration and asylum policy in the European Parliament today, saying it could lead to Islamic extremists coming to the UK. 

Watch the speech in full below:

He began by reminding the Strasbourg Parliament that four years ago he warned that bombing Libya would be a huge mistake.

"It was a mistake which today is reaping its tragic rewards. It was the ill judged military intervention which has contributed to political instability in the region.

"No one is blind to the human suffering in Africa, but the EU must take its share of the blame. EU policies like the Common Agricultural Policy puts up barriers to trade and prevents African nations from selling their produce at a viable price. The Common Fisheries Policy has led to the pillage of their seas and has destroyed local fishing markets and led to worsened diets and increased poverty.

"The Common migration policy proposed by Brussels lays out definitions for asylum so wide that they could include people fleeing not only war but poverty. A collosal change that opens the EU to levels of immigration from Africa and elsewhere that are unimaginable.

"It fails to account for ways to distinguish between genuine asylum seekers and those who wish to do the UK and the countries of Europe harm. It is a fact that Islamic State has bragged about wanting to flood Europe with half a million extremists, posing a direct threat to the west that must not be ignored. A threat that has been highlighted and repeated by senior UK security officials.

He continued by saying that Britain is now "impotent on matters of security and migration and has given up sovereignty to Europe" and remarked that both Cameron and Miliband have been "silent on this hugely important debate."

"Instead of ceding control of our borders, Europe and the UK would do better to emulate the Australian Prime Minister and stop the migrant boats from coming. Stopping the boats is the only sure fire way of stopping the drowning."

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