Ray Finch MEP appointed UKIP's new Housing Spokesman

Published Dec 06, 2016

RayFinchRole.jpgRay Finch MEP said, "Housing is one of the most critical issues facing the nation today.

"Ordinary people are finding it impossible to either buy a home or get a council house. Both because of either increased demand through migration and the loss of council stock. It is particularly a problem for young people who cannot even get a foot on the housing ladder. We must break this deadlock.

"First we must increase municipal building primarily on brownfield land. These properties must also be built well and of a sufficient size. The UK has the smallest average room size for new build properties in Western Europe. This is wrong and we must bring in legislation to resolve this.

"Council waiting lists must prioritise locally born and resident people and ex-military. We look after our own first. Housing is one of the key factors in quality of life. Our duty is to help the people of our nation. Helping them to have a secure roof over their heads is a major part of this commitment."


UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall said, "Having a roof over our heads is fundamental to having a decent life. Ray Finch is a political street fighter who will use his talents to deliver the best possible housing stock for the British people. Today the hope of owning a home for younger generations is becoming a pointless dream. Ray will work hard to ensure that all sections of our society can look forward with hope."

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