Ray Finch MEP, the UKIP Foreign Affairs spokesman denounces the behaviour of Spanish police and authorities for their behaviour opposing the Catalan Referendum

Published Oct 01, 2017

The EU preaches about peace, solidarity and democracy. It virtue signals about its values but when Juncker backs Spain in its closed attitude to the Catalans' demands for independence – all the while encouraging those self-same calls in Scotland – its hypocrisy must become apparent to even the most committed Europhile.

It was clear that Spain had no intention of allowing democracy to take its course and the sight of Spanish Federal Police and the paramilitary Guarda Civil laying about people peacefully going about the democratic process gives everyone pause to think.

Their behaviour reminds me of the fascist Franco dictatorship and is a stain on all of us. Our hearts go out to the people of Catalonia. This must never happen again.

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