Ray Finch: "While we remain members of the European Union, our waters belong to them, our fish belong to them."


RayFinch.jpgThe UK has the largest fleet of boats under 10 metres in Europe. Yet the subsidy policy is geared to help the larger boats, the fleets of France and Spain. They’re subsidised at every turn. They’re subsidised when they’re built, when they go to sea, when they don’t go to sea and when they’re scrapped.

All I can conclude from this is that all of us are paying our EU partners to plunder our fish. What the EU's Fisheries policy also does is to plunder not only our seas but oceans across the world.

We will assert a 200 mile maritime exclusion zone, known in the business as an Exclusive Economic Zone and no one will take resources from it without our agreement be they fishing, mining the ocean floor or drilling beneath it. The zone will be 200 miles from all our coastline, the Falkland Islands as much as Norfolk, Tristan da Cunha as much as Cornwall, Ascension island as much as Aberdeen. Also including Gibraltar.

We’ll run a system of licenses, which foreign boats must pay for, to ensure that what is taken is sustainable - no 'tragedy of the commons" under us but it will be enough to give the UK's fishermen a good living - without the depredations of our European partners.

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