Reassurances sought over Volkswagen-owned Bentley motors

Published Sep 23, 2015

LouiseBours.jpgUKIP MEP Louise Bours has asked for assurances from luxury car manufacturer Bentley that it is not embroiled in the emission test scandal engulfing its owner, Volkswagen.

Ms Bours, who represents the north west of England, has written to the Crewe-based company seeking confirmation that it has never falsified its engine emission data.

Her concern is the possibility of a knock-on effect to people working for marques owned by Volkswagen, which faces a multi-billion pound pay-out in recalls, fines and potential compensation claims by customers.

The company has already set aside £4.7 billion to cover the cost of recalling 500,000 cars in the United States alone.

In her letter to Martin Winterkorn, chief executive of the Volkswagen Group, and Wolfgang Dürheimer, chief executive of Bentley Motors, Ms Bours said:

“I am writing to you today to highlight my concerns regarding the future financial health of Volkswagen Group and Bentley Motors, in particular following the ongoing emissions scandal for which you have had to set aside €6.5 billion (£4.7bn).

“This has been referred to in the UK as the motor industry equivalent of the recent banking Libor scandal which resulted in a number of European and global banks being fined by financial regulators.

“As a Member of the European Parliament for the North West England Region, my constituency covers the Cheshire manufacturing town of Crewe where Bentley Motors is based.

“The assembly plant on Pyms Lane currently employs 3,600 people along with a potential further 300 new jobs recently announced as part of a £40 million expansion plan. There are also 82 suppliers to Bentley located within 50 miles of the Crewe factory.

“As you can see, Bentley Motors is a major employer in Crewe and the town has had a history with car manufacturing since the 1930s.

“I am therefore seeking confirmation from you today that Volkswagen Group remains fully committed to Bentley Motors and that its current operations in Crewe, as well as the aforementioned expansion plans, remain unaffected.”

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