Rebels with a Cause – When Nigel met Beppe



Beppe Grillo and Nigel Farage met today in Brussels to share a meal, and discuss a future relationship which could possibly lead to the formation of a new group in the European Parliament.

The leader of the 5 Star movement, Grillo and UK Independence Party leader, Farage agreed after an animated and very amicable encounter to meet again in the next few weeks.

Both leaders agreed to immediately begin discussions with a view to forming a new group. Both leaders agreed on the importance of direct democracy in Europe to exert change, and emphasised that all political parties in a potential new group should enjoy the freedom to campaign and vote as they choose within a framework of basic agreements.

Mr Farage said, “If this works out it would be magnificent to see a swelling in the ranks of the Peoples’ Army. If we can come to an agreement, we could have fun causing a lot of trouble for Brussels.”

While 5 Star leader, Beppe Grillo suggested that, “We are Rebels with a Cause, and we shall whistle as we march.”

The leaders have in recent months publicly voiced mutual fascination and admiration for each other’s work and campaigning style.

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