Record levels of immigration is the real threat to integration

Published Jul 20, 2015

PRW_2015_Photo_for_electoral_address.jpgWe in UKIP believe in a strong multi-ethnic society united by an attachment to Britain and British identity. We believe that the publicly-imposed doctrine of multiculturalism has worked completely against this. 

Responding to the Prime Minister's speech on British identity and tackling Islamic extremism, UKIP's Culture Spokesman Peter Whittle said: "As Culture Spokesman I have spoken frequently of how multiculturalism has separated people, discouraged integration and led to an alarming fragmentation in our society. It has also led to a situation in which effectively no questioning of other cultures, religions or traditions has been allowed.

"David Cameron should ponder this when he talks, as he has today, of challenging extremist attitudes and the fact that people are growing up in Britain with no sense of attachment to this country. As usual with this Prime minister, such words will doubtless remain just that - words. Indeed his last major response to the barbarism of IS was to concern himself with giving it another name - a reaction which displayed a profound weakness.

"But there is another aspect to the issues highlighted in his speech today which must not be ignored.

"If there is little attachment to Britain amongst some groups now and if, as is often said, British identity is weak, it is also because those who have shaped British culture over the past decades have done so from a position of distaste for Britain, its history and and its culture.

"Our elites have allowed their form of cultural self-loathing to become the norm. This has done enormous damage. It has meant that some have little idea what they should integrate into; in other cases, it has doubtless led to a contempt for what is perceived as our cultural weakness.

"We must now challenge this at every opportunity. We must challenge the ingrained attitudes and orthodoxies which have served us so badly. We must also make clear that immigration on the scale it has been happening is the enemy of true integration.

"It is simply practically impossible to integrate such numbers. And for those coming to our country, there is little incentive or need to integrate in a situation where there are effectively ready-made communities. A sense of separateness is then further entrenched.

"While we remain in the EU, we cannot control our borders. We must once again take control of our own destiny; only then can there be any hope of building a more integrated society, one which is once again united."

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