Referendum Bible

You can download the full Vote To Leave the EU pack here, which includes 11 speeches, plus additional Questions and Answers, rebuttal material, MP quotations and a regional funding briefing.

The speeches can be downloaded as one document here (3.7Mb) or individually below. None are large files and they can be printed off on your home printer. Where appropriate, the accompanying Powerpoint presentation is also listed for download. The speech notes indicate where the Powerpoint slides should be displayed during the presentation.

Opening Speech notes (PDF)

Opening Speech presentation (Pptx)

The 3 million Jobs Myth notes (PDF)

The 3 million Jobs Myth presentation (Pptx)

100 Days Countdown notes (PDF)

Agriculture notes (PDF)

Agriculture presentation (Pptx)

Brexit/Iceland Option notes (PDF)

The Cost of the EU notes (PDF)

The Cost of the EU presentation (Pptx)

European Arrest Warrant notes (PDF)

European Arrest Warrant presentation (Pptx)

The Euro notes (PDF)

The Euro presentation (Pptx)

Fisheries notes (PDF)

Fisheries presentation (Pptx)

Immigration notes (PDF)

Immigration presentation (Pptx)

Trade notes (PDF)

Trade presentation (Pptx)

Closing Speech notes (PDF)

Closing Speech presentation (Pptx)

Additional Resources

Common Questions and Answers (PDF)

Britain Stronger in Europe 10 point Rebuttal (PDF)

Quotations from MPs (PDF)

Regional Funding Briefing (Open Europe) (PDF)

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