Reject Westminster, Not the Union - Nigel Farage asks the Scottish people


10277585_681301248584148_6479684706405034690_n.jpgSpeaking before the Scottish referendum, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said:

"I totally understand the Scottish people feeling that the political class in Westminster are remote and out of touch with their lives, a majority of us in England feel the same way too.

"Whilst devolution continues we need some radical reform to our government and we can start the process with the General Election next May.

"We can change our Union for the better.

"Alex Salmond's plan is to ditch the UK Union and sign up for the European Union, which is even more remote and which cannot be changed. You will also have to join the Euro.

"We have achieved great things together in the last 300 years and we will do so again in the coming centuries. Vote No to the false prophet Salmond."

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