Remembrance Sunday


On Remembrance Sunday, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage writes:

"On the 11 of November 1998 I took a group of friends and family to the Menin Gate at Ypres for an 11 am ceremony that the marked the 80th anniversary of the armistice.

"The Queen laid a wreath and several thousand people attended the most significant of which were 24 British army Great War veterans I felt enormously privileged to be able to meet the last male remnants of the Victorian England.

"Many of my friends and work colleagues thought it was a slightly unusual if not eccentric thing for me to have done.

"Today we understand that of 4 million people have been, like me, to see the 888, 246 poppies at of the Tower of London. The whole country is now fascinated with the Great War and its impact on people's lives. There is now a feeling in almost every family that great sacrifices were made for us to be a free people.

"Whatever my views on our engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq might have been, the fact that today we have been at war for over a decade means that most of now know people of our own generation who have served and fought bringing these sacrifices home to a new generation."

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