Report shows Grammar Schools needed to break down non-educational barriers to top jobs

Published Jun 15, 2015

JaneCollinsdesk.pngThe latest report into social mobility and employment shows that grammar schools are desperately needed to help bright children from working class backgrounds.

The 'non educational barriers to the elite profession evaluation' showed that working class applicants struggle to get access to top jobs in the UK's law, accountancy and financial services firms; the top 13 of which are responsible for 45,000 of the best jobs in the country.

"After years of social engineering, children from working class backgrounds are missing out on job opportunities, which means the project has failed," said UKIP Employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP.

"Professional employers target their recruitment strategies at the most selective universities where graduates are more likely to have come from selective or fee paying schools.

"The abolition of grammar schools led to a polarisation in education based on parents' ability to pay and the results are here in black and white for all to see.

Jane Collins added: "We need to bring back grammar schools where selection is based on ability of the child, not their parents, in order to break down these barriers which successive government policies have erected."

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